About Us

Mark Hall

Mark is the primary writer, speaker and host of our podcast. Like you, he is passionate about conservation, science, wildlife and hunting. His ability to fuse his knowledge of wildlife, conservation and science and combine them with his perspectives on hunting produces balanced and thought-provoking conversations that resonate on a personal level with audiences.


Curtis Hall

Curtis is co-host of our podcast and an emerging writer, as well as technical sound and post production producer for the podcast. As a professional fly-fishing guide and photographer, he lives the outdoor life. His foray into the outdoors started at an early age, and his knowledge of fishing and hunting draws people to him.  When he is not guiding, he is out fishing on the river.


Karlee Hall

Karlee is one of our newly anointed rookie hunters and emerging writers.  She has an extreme love for the outdoors which includes fishing, backpacking, rock climbing and identifying flora and fauna by their scientific names. Like many young Canadians, Karlee’s quest for healthy living and eating brought her into the world of sustainable hunting.


Jake Harach

Jake is the all-out adventure guy.  He is an ocean fishing guide and our other rookie hunter. He has a deep appreciation for the natural world and pursues his outdoor passions backpacking, kayaking and capturing awesome drone footage. Jake’s choice to take up hunting was also driven by his desire to make healthy and ethical choices about his food.


Erin Aasland Hall

Erin is our proof reader-editor, so she makes sure the writers do not leave their modifiers dangling. Erin grew up in a hunting, outfitting and taxidermy family and has been a successful hunter; however, her outdoor passion is spelled h-u-c-k-l-b-e-r-r-i-e-s. She knows how to control the hunting gear spending habits of her husband, which, no doubt, will be of great interest to a segment of our followers. 



Sage can’t write articles, can’t do podcasts and isn’t on social media. She retrieves our duck decoys as fast as we can toss them out, and she likes to play keep away with the real ducks that she retrieves. She is a work in progress but a valuable member of the crew because she reminds us to give it our all, enjoy every second in the outdoors and not to take ourselves too seriously.


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