Workshop – Introduction to Wild Turkey Hunting in BC. Vancouver, BC

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Hunting Workshop – Introduction to Wild Turkey Hunting in BC for New and First-Time Hunters

WHEN: Saturday, April 4th, 2020. 1pm to 5pm

WHERE: The Uncommon Café & Commissary, 477 Powell St, Vancouver BC

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Robust populations of Merriam’s wild turkey can be found across Southern BC. Wild turkey numbers in BC and their distribution have expanded from populations in neighbouring Montana, Idaho and Washington state.

British Columbia provides hunting opportunities for wild turkey in Regions 1, 4 and 8. Turkey hunting is a lot of fun and, for many hunters, it’s the first opportunity to start hunting after the winter is over.

For new and first-time hunters, wild turkey hunting provides a fantastic hunting opportunity and a chance at getting some amazing wild game meat. Wild turkey hunting, like many game bird hunts, is akin to the fly fishing of hunting. There are some important skills, tactics and calls that you need to learn to finesse these weary prehistoric raptors into shotgun range.

It has been said that, it’s not that wild turkeys are smart – it’s that they fear everything.

Join us in this hunting workshop specifically designed for new and first-time hunters. If you have experience hunting wild turkeys and you’d like to come to the workshop to show everyone what you know then this probably isn’t the seminar for you 😊

The objectives of this workshop are to provide new hunters with the basic skills and knowledge to have an enjoyable and success first wild turkey hunt in British Columbia.

In this action packed course we will cover:

Wild turkey history, ecology, behaviour and biology Most common ways a gobbler will approach your decoy set up
Scouting – how to find turkeys before the season Shotgun essentials and loads
Developing a hunt plan – how to find gobblers Shot placement and shotgun patterning
Calls and calling strategies Hunting regulations – seasons / bag limits
Decoys and effective decoy set up Field care of harvested birds
Hunting gear and clothing essentials Tips on preparation and cooking

This will be a fun and question-filled hunting seminar. Let’s get you out in the turkey woods this spring!

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