Episode 11 – Wildlife Management in Alberta with Matt Besko

Dec 1, 2019Podcast

Episode 011

Wildlife Management in Alberta with Matt Besko

In this episode, Mark and Curtis are in Edmonton Alberta with Matt Besko, the Director of Wildlife Policy for Alberta Environment and Parks. We discuss the rich and diverse ecosystems of Alberta, and we get a run down on the status of big game and waterfowl populations and conservation concerns in the province. Other topics we cover include white-tailed deer populations, what the province is bracing for with respect to the impacts of Chronic Wasting Disease, hunters access to private land, who is responsible for invasive wild pig control, and the complexities of wildlife management in an world of changing public attitudes and perceptions. As well, we chat about duck hunting, duck cooking and why you might have to go roebuck hunting in Germany in order to get a great bird dog.

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