Episode 13 – 2019 Year in Review

Jan 1, 2020Podcast

Episode 013

2019 Year in Review

In this episode, Mark, Curtis, Erin, Karlee and Jake are all together to reflect on our 2019 adventures. Large cutties, catch and release fishing, the state of fishing on Haida Gwaii, deer hunting in 2019, the November lull, first duck hunts, first deer harvests, packs of marauding grizzlies in the late deer season, wild Christmas dinner, perch tacos, awesome elk hunting, debate on a freezer full of venison or mallards, hunting and gathering goals for 2020, and moms who hunt. Thrown into all of this is a bit of a serious rant about using hunting regulations as a tool to recover and increase wildlife populations and a what to think of another annoying news article that tries to talk about hunting and wildlife management. Finally, we thankfully recognize all the people that helped us get the podcast to where it is now; their generous contribution of time, advice and expert knowledge have allowed The Hunter Conservationist Podcast to create a high standard focused on what we are all passionate about: conservation, science and responsible hunting in Canada.