Episode 14 – The Life and Times of a Wildlife Vet with Dr. Helen Schwantje

Jan 15, 2020Podcast

Episode 014

The Life and Times of a Wildlife Vet with Dr. Helen Last Schwantje

In this episode, Mark and Curtis are talking with British Columbia’s provincial wildlife veterinarian, Dr. Helen Schwantje. Helen explains how she secured herself a full-time position as the head of wildlife health in the province. Other topics the gang chats about include captive conservation breeding programs as a tool to save endangered species including caribou, being a women vet in male-dominated wildlife management field, millennials in wildlife biology, the types of wildlife health programs she oversees, the kinds of reports and questions Helen receives from the public, BC’s chronic wasting disease surveillance program, wild sheep diseases, population-level health monitoring, whether alpacas and llamas are a threat to wild sheep, and aggressive camelid owners. Most importantly, you can learn what the future of wild monkeys will be in British Columbia.

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