Episode 15 – Deer Ecology, Research and Management with Patrick Stent andJeff Berdusco

Feb 3, 2020Podcast

Episode 015

Deer Ecology, Research and Management with Patrick Stent and Jeff Berdusco

In this episode, Mark and Curtis are in Cranbrook, British Columbia talking all things deer with Senior Wildlife Biologist, Pat Stent and resident hunter dude, Jeff Berdusco. Pat gives us a run down on the findings from his mule deer research studies in Southeastern BC. He explains the factors influencing mule deer populations, what’s happening with predation and how mule deer survival rates in this part of BC compare to other mule deer jurisdictions. Pat also discusses a new whitetailed-deer study that he is getting ready for this year. The group also covers deer harvest management, antlerless seasons, why some hunters are against hunting does and, everyone’s favorite deer topic, the urban deer problem.

Show Notes:

Ecology and Conservation of Mule Deer in Idaho: Management Strategies for Restoring Populations
Dr. Mark Hebblewhite, University of Montana