Episode 16 – Why is Hunting So Hard – Live Podcast Vancouver, BC

Feb 13, 2020Podcast

Episode 016

Why is Hunting So Hard – Live Podcast Vancouver, BC

In this episode Mark and Curtis join Dylan Eyers from EatWild BC, Jenny Ly, from the Chasing Food Club and Kelly Molnar and Mike Pedersen from the Rookie Hunter Podcast for a live podcast which was recorded in Vancouver, BC on January 30th. The crew shreds up the question – Why is Hunting So Hard? For many new and first-time hunters, hunting can be frustrating and maybe even demoralizing. Folks tell us they have gone years since starting hunting and never been able to harvest an animal. In order to help new hunters be successful, the lot of us offer perspectives on why hunting is hard and impart our ideas and advice how to fill your freezer this fall. Topics discussed include everyone’s hardest physical and mental hunts, how to develop hunt plans, best animals to hunt when starting out, expectations when planning a hunt, a bit on the spiritual awareness side of hunting and Dylan’s recent bison hunt. If you are a new hunter that has not grown up in a hunting family and you feel the hunting struggle is real, download this episode and listen to the conversation. The live podcast was sponsored by the BC Chapter of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, Filsons store in Vancouver and Stanley Park Brewing. Proceeds will go to an on-the-ground-project managed by the Region 2 chapter of BHA.

Show Notes:

As promised in the podcast, here is a good resource for mule deer hunters:

Ecology and Conservation of Mule Deer in Idaho: Management Strategies for Restoring Populations
Dr. Mark Hebblewhite, University of Montana