Episode 18 – Road Ecology with Dr. Clayton Lamb

Mar 15, 2020Podcast

Episode 18

Road Ecology with Dr. Clayton Lamb

In this episode Mark and Curtis are in Fernie British Columbia with Dr. Clayton Lamb learning about the new discipline of road ecology. Dr. Lamb tells the hosts about his transition from researching grizzly bears for his PhD into his new wildlife research projects. Other topics discussed in this episode include finding out what this whole new field of road ecology is about, the magnitude of wildlife-vehicle collisions in North America as well as in Southeast BC and all the various ways that highway corridors can affect wildlife. Dr. Lamb discusses the effectiveness of highway fences and wildlife over and under passes for safely moving wildlife across busy highway corridors. The gang dives into the infamous flashing wildlife signs on Highway 3 in Southeast BC and whether automobile insurance companies are manipulating wildlife populations to save money.

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Show Notes:

The Nevada Area 7 Mule Deer migration highway case study:


Highway 3 wildlife detection system in British Columbia:

Behind the Scenes: BC Wildlife, Trucks Saved from Collision