Episode 20 – The Story of Canada’s Wild Turkeys

Apr 15, 2020Podcast

Episode 20

The Story of Canada’s Wild Turkeys

It’s spring and Mark and Curtis are back in the studio to talk turkey. More specifically, the story of wild turkeys in Canada. Often thought of as a gamebird found only in the United States of America, the guys talk about how this native North American wildlife species came to be in the New World and how several Canadian provinces became home to the wild turkey. Topics discussed include the evolution of the modern wild turkey, the wild turkey species and sub-species, their distribution, biology, Mesoamerican domestication, population recovery, translocations and province-by-province status as well as a breakdown of wild turkey management in Canada and why BC is reluctant to make hunters buy a turkey tag. The guys also undertake their own version of MythBusters by digging into the alien information published about the wild turkey in order to sort fact from fiction. To put all this dialogue into context of the bigger conservation picture, Mark and Curtis weigh in on the philosophical aspects of what is natural and what is not. When humans move species around is it always bad? What makes a species native and where is it native to? What about species before and after glaciation? When is a non-native wildlife species invasive, when is it simply an introduced species and when does a species become naturalized? The guys also talk about the last time the ecosystems of North America were truly natural. Lastly, learn how to enter our April wild turkey contest giveaway thanks to the good folks at Hunt To Eat.

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