Episode 21 – Fire and Wildlife Populations

May 1, 2020Podcast

Episode 21

Fire and Wildlife Populations

In this episode Mark and Curtis provide an update on how their spring turkey hunt went and they give a short recap on the recent announcement about hunting and fishing in BC during COVID-19. In addition to turkeys and social distance hunting, the fellas chat about an important aspect of wildlife management – the enhancement of habitat with the use of fire. Topics covered include when the era of fire began, fire tolerant and fire dependent species, fire regimes, how fire creates resilient ecosystems, top down and bottom up population regulators, the drivers of wildlife populations and how fire effects said wildlife population drivers. The guys also talk about how often critical habitats should be burned, the value of burnt snag forests, whether clearcutting emulates natural fire, the disruption of natural fire cycles, the size of fires in BC, whether forest fires nowadays are bad, how big habitat burns should be, how wildlife habitat burns can benefit humans and why moose have long legs. 

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