Episode 23 – Misplaced Conservation with Dr. Adam Ford

Jun 1, 2020Podcast

Episode 023

Misplaced Conservation with Dr. Adam Ford

In this episode Mark and Curtis break the barrier of pandemic isolation and are joined virtually by Dr. Adam Ford (not the dentist in Arizona) to talk about the best ways to protect your expensive fly rod, what happens when an elephant doesn’t like you and the emerging idea of misplaced conservation. Misplaced conservation is a multifaceted phenomenon going on right now involving misinformation and polarization and it is affecting the ability of conservation to focus on priorities. Adam explains the unintended and intended consequences of misplaced conservation including conservation that causes direct harm to wildlife populations, misallocation of conservation dollars, throwing conservation partners under the bus and merchants of doubt messing with your minds. The gang also talks about why using honeybees as the poster child for saving native pollinators is like using a cow to save endangered caribou, raising money to outlaw something that is already prohibited and British Columbia’s controversial grizzly hunt. Wrapping it up the guys talk about the role of academic research in wildlife management and offer a few parting thoughts on what people can do to mitigate the impacts of misplaced conservation.

Show Notes

Follow Dr. Ford on Twitter at @adamTford
Check out Adam’s WiRE Lab website – Wildlife Restoration Ecology Lab at http://atford.weebly.com/ and look for the land rover with the door crushed in by an elephant.


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