Episode 24 – Moose, Caribou and the Dead Cat Strategy

Jun 15, 2020Podcast

Episode 024

Episode 24 –Moose, Caribou and The Dead Cat Strategy

In this episode, in their quest for truth, honesty and objectivity, Mark and Curtis analyze the recent brouhaha over moose management in BC’s endangered caribou recovery zones. To kick things off, the hosts talk about the misinformation floating around over the number of black bear tags sold in BC, BC’s black bear harvest rate and some anti-bear hunting propaganda coming out of Vancouver Island. Then the hosts talk about why we cannot resist looking at dead cats. Using the concepts of misplaced conservation that Dr. Adam Ford explained in Episode 23, Mark and Curtis analyze the current state of the conversation regarding primary prey reduction and caribou recovery. Other topics covered in this episode include ways to assess polarized debates, the elephant in our brains, lies that spread faster than the truth, throwing hunters under the bus, politics and more politics, the war on science, as well as what objective truth, personal truth, and political truth mean. Wrapping it all up, the guys take a forward-looking perspective to discuss what hunter conservationists should really be fighting for.

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Listen to the archive which includes an interview with Kamloops North MLA Peter Milobar at 11:06 and Jesse Zeman at 11:21 am. Listen to the archive for June 08, 2020 https://buff.ly/37bY4wB
Click on the link above and then you must choose June 8 and 11 AM — you can then start playing the audio file and click along the timeline to about 6 min in.

Click on segments and you will see one on June 9 talking to a fellow who has started a petition and June 10 Jen Psyllakis


Finding Shared Solutions for Moose and Caribou Management in B.C. https://t.co/n4xiyCE2oo

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