Episode 26 – Hunt Camp

Jul 15, 2020Podcast

Episode 026

Hunt Camp

In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Taylor White, Ariana McKay, Hannah McIntyre and Emily Chow. This is a fun, uplifting and inspiring conversation about four friends and the story of their journey mentoring each other and learning to hunt. The group discusses how and why they each got into hunting, what their journey towards having a successful hunt has been like, whether hunting gets frustrating, the deeper meaning of hunting and what barriers women can face getting into hunting. Other topics discussed included the good and bad of women specific market segment analysis in hunting, interacting with men while hunting, being a mentor hunter, leadership styles, advice for new hunters, how women can find hunting partners, tips for women hunters, perspectives on hunting regulations and advice for young men hunting with women. You will hear about firewood stealing eavesdropping hunters and how to confront them as well as the importance of friendship and hunt camp.

Show Notes:

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