Episode 30 – Celebrating Black Mammalogists Week with Rhiannon Kirton

Sep 15, 2020Podcast

Episode 030

Celebrating Black Mammalogists Week with Rhiannon Kirton

In this episode Mark and Curtis are helping celebrate Black Mammalogist Week by talking in-depth with Rhiannon Kirton. Rhiannon is a Master of Science candidate at Western University in London, Ontario who is studying the interaction between white-tailed deer and hunters. Rhiannon is a co-organizer for Black Mammalogists Week, and she explains the reasons behind this special week and all the events taking place across North America. Diving into the heart of this episode, Rhiannon talks about the history of Black Canadians as active pioneers, hunters, and fur trappers and her experience finding Black Canadians who hunt and fish. Other topics discussed include Canada’s underground railroad, the lack of data collection measuring diversity participation in hunting in Canada and why that data is important, perceptions of firearm ownership, the lack of Black Canadian hunters and anglers as role models, whether racism in Canada is different than in the United States, how the history of Black people in North America might influence participation in hunting and fishing, how family concerns might influence Black Canadians participation in backcountry activities and whether the remote regions of Canada’s outdoors is a space Black Canadians might feel safe in or not. In addition, learn whether Rhiannon is happy with the colour she painted her desk and how she gets GPS trackers on hunters.

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Black Mammalogists Week schedule of events:


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