Episode 31 – Conservation Without Borders with Land Tawney

Oct 1, 2020Podcast

Episode 031

Conservation Without Borders with Land Tawney

In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by the fun, energetic and inspiring Land Tawney, CEO of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. The purpose of this episode is to help hunters and anglers in Canada be effective in advocating for public land and water in Canada, so Mark and Curtis get Land to explain what is making BHA such an effective voice for conservation. Land explains what the Great American Outdoor Act is, how much funding the Act dedicates to conservation in the United States, and how hunters and anglers helped pass the bill. Land also talks about how BHA can rally its members behind particularly important causes as well as how the grassroots approach of BHA helps the organization prioritize its campaigns. The guys talk about the growth of BHA in Canada, the value of public figures supporting BHA and the issues facing hunting, fishing and public land conservation in Canada and the United States. Mark accepts Land’s challenge to deliver something at BHA Rendezvous 2021 in Missoula MT. Land shares his vision for BHA as it grows in Canada and his answer will surprise you! Also tune in to hear the safety message about storing gas inside your SUV and Land’s take on avocado coloured-appliances.

Show Notes

BHA Membership Giveaway!

BHA in British Columbia, Alberta and the Yukon are sponsoring a 1-year free membership to a Canadian listener of this podcast episode in each province and territory in Canada who is not already a BHA  member!  To win one of the BHA members in Canada here is what you need to do:

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