Episode 32 – Is Glyphosate Spraying Killing Moose with James Steidle

Oct 15, 2020Podcast

Episode 032

Is Glyphosate Spraying Killing Moose with James Steidle

In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by James Steidle from Prince George, British Columbia. James heads up a campaign called Stop the Spray BC which is dedicated to banning the spraying of glyphosate chemicals on public forests. James talks about some shocking aspects of the chemical herbicide Glyphosate, what ingredients we are not being told about that are Glyphosate and whether Glyphosate is a health risk. James explains why forest companies spray Glyphosate on your forests and why that is concern to him for both biodiversity and for moose conservation. James describes the ecological importance of aspen, birch, willow, and alder trees and why the forest industry likes to kill them all.  James discusses some of the moose research that has been going on in Northern BC around moose food and exposes flaws in the claims that forest spraying is not hurting moose populations. James also shares his lessons learned from running a grassroots advocacy campaign. Bonus content – find out who blocks James on social media, you will be surprised.

Show Notes:

Sign the Federal petition to ban glyphosate spraying in Canadian public forests here:


Website: http://stopthespraybc.com/

Twitter: @stopthespraybc


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