Episode 35 – A WWI Soldier, A Modern Hunter and Two Whitetail Bucks

Dec 1, 2020Podcast

Episode 035

A WWI Solider, A Modern Hunter and Two Whitetail Bucks

In this episode Mark and Curtis have a conservation about natural forces and intangible entities in hunting. This is a conversation which is rarely openly spoken about or even acknowledged. It may even be a conversation that gets scoffed at. Mark talks about his Remembrance Day 2020 hunt and the relationship between a solider who died in World War I and two recently harvested whitetail bucks. The guys share their experiences about the feeling of a force guiding them while they are hunting, what that feeling has taught them and how acknowledging and embracing natural forces and intangible entities may help other become better hunters.  Other topics covered include, the value of rituals before, during and after the hunt, the feeling you know you will be successful, stepping into the other world, speaking to the animals, first bite – last bite, returning the animal to the land, hunting amulets the message an owl brings, ice fishing, small game hunting and hugging your pee bottle for warmth.

Show Notes

Book: Relational Archaeologies. Humans, Animals, Things. Edited by Christopher Watts


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