Episode 36 – Furbearer Conservation and Trapping with Tim Killey

Dec 15, 2020Podcast

Episode 036

Furbearer Conservation and Trapping with Tim Killey

In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Tim Killey, President of the BC Trappers Association. Hang on as the guys take a deep dive into furbearer conservation and the business of trapping. Topics covered include learning whether trapping is a business or a hobby, the fur market ups and downs, economic value of trapping in Canada, whose who in the furbearer world, what is happening with furbearer populations, the greatest threat to furbearers, the controversy over fisher trapping, how trappers manage their trap lines, public acceptance of trapping, trapping on social media, how people get into trapping or at least how they can buy organic natural furs and whether your conservation committee should have a trapper on it or not. Find out what the most valuable fur on the market is today and why beavers build dams.  

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