Episode 38 – The North American Non-Lead Partnership with Leland Brown and Chris Parish

Jan 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 038

The North American Non-Lead Partnership with Leland Brown and Chris Parish

In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Leland Brown and Chris Parish, founders of the North American Non-Lead Partnership. In this episode the guys learn about the history behind why the Partnership was created, what its goals are and where its headed. Topics covered include, the impact lead bullet fragments has on wildlife especially birds, why birds guts are different than mammals when it comes to ingesting lead, how much lead comes off a bullet, the snowstorm effect, why you will never seen a lead poisoned bird in the wild, why gopher shooting helps raptors, non-lead 22 ammunition for small game hunting, population-level impacts of lead poisoning, lead in venison, lead in Indigenous Peoples, women and kids, how a bullet works, how non-lead bullets perform, copper bullet myths, rifle barrel damage, how to choose a copper bullet, voluntary versus mandatory use of non-lead ammunition, hunters controlling the narrative, smear by fear campaigns, a new way of thinking about a hunter’s ethical responsibility for the bullet when it leaves the gun, grizzly bears, an awesome elk hunt and first time javelina with a bow. These guys are so passionate and knowledgeable about non-lead ammunition and the future of hunting. You will be inspired!

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North American Non-Lead Partnership


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