Episode 4 – Invasive Wild Pigs in Canada with Dr. Ryan Brook

Aug 19, 2019Podcast

Episode 004

Invasive Wild Pigs in Canada with Dr. Ryan Brook

In this episode, Mark and Curtis are at the University of Saskatchewan to discuss the growing problem of invasive wild pigs in Canada. Topics covered include leaky farms, the difference between wild boar versus wild pig, whether hunting is helping control wild pigs, where wild pigs are found in Canada, whether wild pigs can survive in the Yukon, countdown to 1 million square kilometers, whether sounder is a maritime term or not, what might be on your spinach, what a wild pig can do in 108 days, whether time is running out to eradicate wild pigs in Canada, and our favorite Ryan Brook quotes.

Show Notes

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Check out the Canadian Wild Pig Research Project – CWPRG on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WildPigResearch/

Learn more about Ryan and his research at https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ryan_Brook and at  https://agbio.usask.ca/faculty-and-staff/people-pages/ryan-brook.php#BriefBiography

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