Episode 40 – The Future of Hunting with Robbie Kroger

Feb 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 040

The Future of Hunting with Robbie Kroger

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In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Robbie Kroger of Blood Origins – the Truth About Hunting. Robbie brings his perspective to the hunting and trophy hunting debates that are taking place across the world.  In Canada, the narrative about trophy hunting is filling the news lately and is influenced by perceptions of trophy hunting in Africa. Robbie demystifies African trophy hunting and explains how much wildlife is protected by hunting lands versus parks. Robbie covers the economics of hunting in Africa, ecotourism versus trophy hunting, what can happen to wildlife under a trophy ban, the Community Based Natural Resource Management model and whether the average citizen in Africa can go hunt on the land. Digging deeper, the guys talk about the current narrative of hunting in North America, where the moniker of trophy hunter came from, pulling back the curtain on hunting, hunters’ tendency to hide in the closet, who’s behind the image that the non-hunting public has of hunters, grip and grins on social media, how to get outside the box, what hunters will say in ten years and the two questions every hunter needs to ask if they want to preserve hunting now and in the future.

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