Episode 41 – The Power of Social Media

Mar 1, 2021Podcast

Episode 041

The Power of Social Media with Britt Longoria

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In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by hunter and PhD candidate Britt Longoria. Britt was the centre of a global hate campaign against hunting when her photograph was pirated from a private website. In this episode Britt explains how this anti-hunting campaign came about, how she learned about it, what happened to her, how it made her feel and how she rose above it to become a better hunter conservationist. Britt tells Mark and Curtis how she took time to objectively assess the fundamental questions that underlie the comments that were being posted about her. She explains how she used her understanding of people’s comments to regroup, reclaim the hunting narrative and tell her story the way she wants it told. Every hunter who posts anything on the internet even on secure private accounts, can have pictures pirated and accounts hacked and end up the target of one these international anti-hunting campaigns. Britt provides her thoughts on how hunters can prevent this from happening, how hunters can tell their own story and how to dig deep into yourself to understand why you do what you do. Britt challenges hunters to think about who their audience is. As well, Britt talks about her PhD work in communication and how it ties into the future of hunting. It appears this episode will foster a new relationship aimed at helping hunters reclaim the art of storytelling which can be used to define modern hunting cultures in the same way it was used to define ancient hunting cultures. 

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