Episode 44 – Wild Food Systems with Kevin Kossowan and Jeff Senger

Apr 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 044

Wild Food Systems with Kevin Kossowan and Jeff Senger

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In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Kevin Kossowan and Jeff Senger. Kevin and Jeff are from northern Alberta and produce the inspiring the internationally recognized From The Wild show. Kevin and Jeff talk about why they created From The Wild and provide their thoughts why they are different from the mainstream hunting shows. As well, the crew dives into the relationships between wild protein, wild plants, and eating with a sense of place. Kevin and Jeff offer a unique perspective on what a hunting trip is to them and how there is always something to be harvested from the wild. Learn about how to get started in collecting wild edibles, how to get bear meat without firing a shot, how the hunting industry wants you to behave, whether the guys differentiate wild from agriculture land, wild food systems, what weird food really is and drinking the forest.

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Sponsor: Fisher Peak Brewing Company 

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