Episode 45 – Mid-Turkey Season Debrief with Brad Siemens

May 1, 2021Podcast

Episode 045

Mid-Turkey Season Debrief with Brad Siemens

In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by fellow turkey hunter and wild turkey aficionado Brad Siemens. Brad hails form the Grand Forks region of Southern BC and literally lives with wild turkey year around.  The crew discusses how their turkey season is going so far and the pain of missing a wild turkey. The guys talk about wild turkey hunting strategies for BC such as locating tom birds, calling, using decoys, why it is easy to miss with a shotgun and the sneaky ways in which toms approach you. Find out why wild turkeys are so hard to hunt and what makes them so additive to hunt. The guys also dig into why wild turkey have such a bad rap in BC when it is one of the most admired game animals in North America. Brad, Curtis, and Mark also discuss some management and conservation issues including the issue of why BC does not have a game tag for the Merriam’s wild turkey.

Show Notes:

Call to Action

British Columbia is the only jurisdiction in North America that does not require a species tag for wild turkey. The idea of a tag has been pooh poohed by BC wildlife staff for many years even though most turkey hunters support the idea. A tag makes enforcing regional bag limits easier and a turkey tag, along with the conservation surcharge fee, will help contribute more money to wildlife conservation.  Conservation Officers support a species tags as do most all the hunter conservationist organizations in the province.

If you also support the idea of a species tag for Merriam’s wild turkey in BC please email [email protected] in the BC Wildlife Branch and kindly ask that the proposal for a wild turkey species tag be included in the new hunting regulations proposals for 2021/2022 that will be posted for public comment later this year.


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