Episode 46 – Of Mice and Moose with Alexia Constantinou

May 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 046

Of Mice and Moose with Alexia Constantinou

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In this episode Mark and Curtis talk with Alexia Constantinou from the University of British Columbia. Alexia recently completed her Master of Science degree and defended her thesis. Alexia’s research looked at the response of small and large mammals to clearcut logging and selection harvesting across three study sites in British Columbia. If you have ever flown across BC, you know that clearcut logging is the dominant method of logging and the most noticeable human impact on the land. But is it all bad? Which wildlife are the winners, and which are the losers when it comes to clearcutting and selection harvesting? Alexia breaks down her study by explaining which mammals, all the way from mice to moose, do well in clearcuts, which ones preferred partially logged forests and which ones liked unlogged forests. Find out how species behavior in clearcuts and why hunters say there are no white-tailed deer left.  Alexia provides her thoughts on the general scale of logging in BC and the crew discusses forest fires versus logging, whether wildlife habitat is properly cared for during logging and what you can do to help support wildlife management.

Show Notes:

WildCam project https://wildcams.ca/

Dr. Suzanne Simard’s Mother Tree Project https://mothertreeproject.org/

Ted Talk Dr. Suzanne Simard https://youtu.be/Un2yBgIAxYs


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