Episode 48 – Social Science in Predator Management with Dr. Sophie Gilbert

Jun 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 048

Social Science in Predator Management with Dr. Sophie Gilbert

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In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Dr. Sophia Gilbert from the University of Idaho to talk about predators. Everyone weighs in on why there is so much controversy around predators, why predator management is dividing people, the use of human dimensions and social sciences in predator management, socioeconomic benefits of large carnivores, whether predators can reduced wildlife-vehicle collisions, the segment of society that hunters should be most concerned about, whether science help reconcile the gap between protectionism versus management, how anglers used to view the predatory Bull Trout and hunting Sitka Blacktails in Alaska.

Show Notes:

Rain deer – A Sitka Blacktail Story with Sophie Gilbert


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