Episode 50 – White-Tailed Deer Management with Chad Stewart

Jul 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 050 – White-Tailed Deer Management with Chad Stewart

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In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Chad Stewart, biologist in the deer program for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Division. The crew discusses the evolution and spread of white-tailed deer in North America, why these deer are so successful and whether their expansion is due to humans or not. Chad talks about white-tailed deer biology, ecology, population monitoring and different approaches for managing white-tail populations and hunting seasons.  Other topics the group digs into include, white-tailed deer reproduction, chronic wasting disease, antler restrictions, antlerless deer hunting, myths, hunting traditions, the future of white-tailed deer, half marathons, managing deer wearing bullet proof vests, 66% support and mind-blowing deer facts.

Show Notes:

Sponsor: Fisher Peak Brewing Company

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