Episode 51 – The Food Angle of Hunting is Wearing Thin – with Dr. Lee Foote and Matt Besko

Aug 1, 2021Podcast

Episode 051 – The Food Angle of Hunting is Wearing Thin with Dr. Lee Foote and Matt Besko

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In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Matt Besko and Dr. Lee Foote. Matt is the Director of Wildlife and Licensing for Alberta Environment and Parks and Lee is a retired professor from the University of Alberta. Matt and Lee delve into the deep nuances of hunting and cover everything under the sun including, being honest with why you hunt, mastering the skills, death, blood rituals, time-compression, flow experiences, out-of-body experiences, hunting as a means to make us better human beings, conservation vs preservation, human-wildlife conflict, primacy, carrying capacity, managing wildlife by the happiness quotient,  social media, bringing in new hunters and the currency of hunting. Throw in some food, why having fun while you hunt is okay, mismatched bullets, Cabela’s vs the thrift store and of course, why the food angle of hunting, while inspiring is wearing thin.

Show Notes:

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Main cover background photo courtesy of Matt Besko and Lee Foote