Episode 52- Is Everything Fckd Up with Ross Blake

Aug 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 052 – Is Everything Fckd Up with Ross Blake

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In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by their friend Ross Blake. Ross has lived in different countries and experienced very different cultures. Ross has a diverse perspective on hunting and conservation and is on route to becoming a hunter. Everything seems fckd up right now with the environment, conservation, and hunting including forest fires, climate change, anti-hunting petitions, environmental pollution and so on and so on. The guys dig into this topic and discuss what is stressing them out and how they cope with the avalanche of doomsday stories that hit their news feed every day. The guys discuss how they approach news stories, that on the surface might elicit a negative emotional reaction and where to focus your effort as a hunter. Concepts discussed include defining a personal sphere of concern, person sphere of impact, how far away from where you live should you be concerned about issues, what to give a fck about in life, what you can control, what you can’t change, the big picture outlook in conservation and whether you must believe every headline as being true.

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