Episode 55 – Hunter Mistakes

Oct 1, 2021Podcast

Episode 55 – Hunter Mistakes

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In this episode Curtis and Mark unpack the entire topic of hunter mistakes. The guys discuss the 3 types of hunter mistakes, cancel culture, the idea of a path to redemption, some hunting fines and prohibitions from around Canada, the conundrum for wildlife management if fines are too high, the certainty of punishment versus the certainty of detection, what peoples’ thoughts whether social media fuels hunters to take uncertain shots or not, whether kick em in the nuts type attitudes are helpful, extreme ownership, all the things hunters can to do help their fellow hunter not make honest mistakes, whether hunting regulation are too complicated and the underlying reason why there are strict antler and horn regulations in place. Plus, the guys recount a close encounter of the elk kind and how to reconcile when your hunting partner must work the next day.


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