Episode 56 – High Fence Elk Hunting in Alberta with Neil Keown

Oct 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 56 – High Fence Elk Hunting in Alberta with Neil Keown

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Curtis and Mark are joined by Neil Keown, Chair of the Alberta Chapter of the Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Neil dives into some of the contentious public land issues in Alberta including Chronic Wasting Disease, the Bighorn Wilderness Area proposal, and the opening of the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains to coal mine development. Then Neil talks about the highly controversial proposal currently being pushed in Alberta to allow for high fenced elk farm hunt operations. Neil explains who’s behind the proposal, why its being pushed forward at this time and why BHA, and even non-hunters in Alberta are voicing their opposition to high fence hunts farms. Topics discussed include the ethics of high fence hunts, Alberta versus Africa high fence hunting, whether hunters can marginalize high fence hunting from backcountry hunting or not, freak antlers, escaped wildlife, elk-ostrich combo hunts, whether waterfowl hunting is easy or hard and how to hunt sandhill cranes.

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