Episode 57 – Use Science Not Emotion Mantra with Dr. Lee Foote

Nov 1, 2021Podcast

Episode 57 – Use Science Not Emotion Mantra with Dr. Lee Foote

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Curtis and Mark get together with Dr. Lee Foote for a cuss-filled, mantra bashing, nuanced, philosophical bumper sticker brainstorming conversation about the mantra – use science not emotion, which is so often used to defend hunting. The guys breakdown science and emotions into their basic elements to see if the two concepts make sense when used together to defend hunting. The guys discuss whether having emotions in hunting or wildlife management is wrong and whether science is the be-all-end-all in wildlife management. Other topics covered include a conversation about what part of the brain dominates human behavior, whether one feels sad for or has empathy for wildlife, whether emotions or personal values actually under pin a person’s position on hunting, whether the, use science not emotion mantra is making things worse or better between hunters and non hunters, hook and bullet versus oppressed social views, ducking hunting on frozen ponds, whether mountain goats all live on public land, shooting your mechanical goose decoy and the great bumper sticker meme challenge.

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