Episode 58 – What is a Hunting Firearm with Matt DeMille

Nov 15, 2021Podcast

Episode 58 – What is a Hunting Firearm with Matt DeMille

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Curtis and Mark are joined by Matt DeMille, Policy and Program Director for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters. Matt authored a comprehensive report describing what a reasonable hunting firearm is in Canada. Matt’s report will become a resource to inform the court about hunting firearms. Matt talks about his journey trying to define a hunting firearm using an evidence-based methodology. Topics discussed include, traditional versus modern firearms, hunting cultures, hunting situations, factors that influence what a reasonable hunting firearm is, factors that hunters consider when choosing a firearm, what a military grade firearm is versus military style, the historical influence of military technologies on hunting firearms, public perceptions of firearms, firearm function versus form, considering hunting in new firearm laws, divisive conversations, wishing the problem would go away, keeping an open mind, hockey sticks and the deer season opener in Ontario

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What Firearms Are Reasonable and Proportionate for Hunting in Canada – Full Report


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