Episode 59 – Moose Management with Dr. Keith Munro

Dec 1, 2021Podcast

Episode 59 – Moose Management with Dr. Keith Munro

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Curtis and Mark are joined Dr. Keith Munro, wildlife biologist for the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters to talk all things moose.  Dr. Munro describes the moose sub-species in Canada, and they guys debate whether the Canada moose is real or not. As well, Keith talks about some of the key aspects of moose ecology, biology, habitat requirements and population dynamics considered when managing moose. Other topics covered include the big health threats facing moose, moose management and the number of moose and moose hunters in Ontario, harvest management, moose predation, the unique candid predators in Ontario, the new permit system for hunter tags, simple versus complex moose antler regulations, group tag hunting, OFAH’s priority moose management issues, moose research, counting moose, how the deer season is going thus far and the correct or incorrect way to pronounce Shiras moose.

Show Notes


Ecology and Management of the North American Moose, Second Edition

Edited by Charles C. Schwartz, Albert W. Franzmann, and Richard E. McCabe



Ontario’s moose populations and population objective ranges can be found here:



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