Episode 62 – Alberta Trapping with Bill Abercrombie

Jan 15, 2022Podcast

Episode 62 Trapping in Alberta with Bill Abercrombie

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In this episode Curtis and Mark are joined by Bill Abercrombie – president of the Alberta Trappers Association. Bill provides a snapshot of the Alberta Trappers Association and everything that they are involved including owning and operating their own trapping and bushcraft centre. Bill describes several of the major conservation and research projects that Alberta trappers play a key role in. The guys then break down the different types of traps and discuss how each one work, why a trapper might use them and what some of the misperceptions are around trap types in Canada.  Bill also provides a history on snares in trapping, the advancement in snare lethality and new scientific research being conducted on the snares as a humane trapping tool. Other topics include snowmobile mishaps, being dialed in, science-based trap research, certified traps and rural versus city drivers.

Show Notes

Alberta Trappers Association https://www.albertatrappers.com/

Alberta Centre for Trapping & Bushcraft https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFehtd7dVN9gIrZSLDurV2Q

The Hunters’ Underground Podcast https://www.patreon.com/thehunterconservationistpodcast

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