Episode 63 – Terminal Performance with Jeff Senger

Feb 1, 2022Podcast

Episode 63 Terminal Performance with Jeff Senger

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In this episode Curtis and Mark are joined by Jeff Senger from the From the Wild series. The crew talks about the ethics and philosophy of killing. Jeff covers the operation of a small family business slaughterhouse in Alberta and the care that goes into treating animals humanely. The varied topis that the guys talk cover in this episode include the dichotomy between nature’s way of killing and human caused death, killing in an abattoir versus hunting, centre of mass versus brain shots, whose perspective is humane death seen from, killing fish versus killing animals, whether nature needs the gruesome deaths as a precursor to evolution, rifle calibers, shooting, bullets, nature is metal, a coyote Afghan blanket as a work in progress, why vegans should be vegans, what deer think when they see a hunter, active shooter POV in beaver hunting, and contemplate that if you were a bear, whether you want Jeff to shoot you with a bow or a rifle.

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