Episode 65 – Wolverine Conservation with Dr. Matt Scrafford

Mar 1, 2022Podcast

Episode 65 Wolverine Conservation with Dr. Matt Scrafford

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In this episode Curtis and Mark are joined by Dr. Matt Scrafford, a Conservation Scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. Matt has studied wolverines all over Canada and talks about their biology, ecology and distribution in Canada, their home range sizes, general behavior, threats, sources of mortality and the wolverine’s conservation status in Canada. Matt describes the results of some his research and how wolverines are doing in human-disturbed ecosystems what the key attributes are for wolverine habitat conservation and the difference in wolverine habitat in the boreal regions versus the western mountains. Find out about whether other meso-carnivores compete with wolverines, wolverine head injuries, how to survive a wolverine attack, colloquial names and most importantly, find out the winner of the wolverine game show, who won a bottle of Canadian wolverine whiskey and the significance of Valentine’s Day.

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