Episode 66 – Endangered Species in Northern Alberta with Hayley Gavin

Mar 15, 2022Podcast

Episode 66 – Endangered Species in Northern Alberta with Hayley Gavin

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In this episode Curtis and Mark are joined by Hayley Gavin. Hayley lives in Alberta and she was the Lead Administrator for the Alberta Northwest Species at Risk Committee. Hayley describes how and why the NWSAR committee was formed and how the communities that were involved stepped up to help with scientific studies on endangered species. She describes the disconnect between government, science, industry, and the public when it comes to environmental and wildlife management. Hayley talks about the value of boots-on-the-ground community-based science, the challenges, and successes in bringing people together as well as working with the Alberta Trappers Association, Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute, and forest companies. Other topics covered include hunting grouse in the Rocky Mountains and the mystery of the High Level Handy Tree.


Show Notes:

Public access to project data on Wildtrax: https://www.wildtrax.ca/home

Alberta NWSAR website: https://albertanwsar.ca/

ABMI’s Human Footprint Inventory: https://abmi.ca/home/data-analytics/da-top/da-product-overview/Human-Footprint-Products/HF-inventory.

Landscape Monitoring Results: https://albertanwsar.ca/landscape-monitoring-results/

Mammal Monitoring Year 1 Results: https://albertanwsar.ca/caribou-ranges-research-year-1-results/

State of the Region Report: https://albertanwsar.ca/state-of-the-region-report-release/

The Mysterious “High Level Handy Tree”

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