Episode 68 – Spring Bear Hunting Primer with John Schneider

Apr 1, 2022Podcast

Episode 68 – Spring Bear Hunting Primer with John Schneider

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In this episode Curtis and Mark are joined by John Schneider, host of The Food Afield Podcast and member of the From the Wild film series in northern Alberta. The gang compares hunting spring black bears in BC’s Rocky Mountings versus the Alberta’s Northern Boreal Forest. John talks about the atmosphere and tempo of hunting spring bears versus fall deer and his general strategies to find bears in Alberta. Other topics the group muses over include how and where to find spring bear, early spring success versus late spring success, bear meat, cooking, bear organ meat, using the brains, baiting hunting bears form a tree stand, what to do with the hide, hunting outcomes, what size of bear should you take, rifle calibers, game rating systems for black bears, shot placement, getting messed up, Star Wars tribute and assless bear fur riding chaps.

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