Episode 72 – Fossil Hunting with Chris New

Jun 1, 2022Podcast

Ep 72 – Fossil Hunting with Chris New

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In this episode Curtis and Mark are joined by their long-time friend Chris New. Chris is an avid fossil hunter and has helped paleontologists identify new trilobite species previously unknown to science. Chris’s journey and passion for fossils started at young age near Cranbrook, British Columbia and now he travels all over the place hunting fossils. Chris talks about how he got started in fossil hunting, how he preps fossil hunting, what he does in winter offseason as well as, how he gathers intel and leads on fossil sites. Other cool topics the gang discuss include the brief history of fossil formations, how to get into fossil hunting, how to hunt fossils, trilobites, similarities between fossil hunting and game hunting, laws around digging, poaching fossils, Burgess Shale, how crime doesn’t pay in fossil hunting and whether Ricky Gervais trolls fossil hunters on social media.

Show Notes

Here are the scientific names of the trilobites that Chris, his collecting partner Chris Jenkins, and daughter Rebecca have had named after them for having discovered them.

Olenaspella chrisnewi

Anechocephalus rebeccae

Orygmaspis jenkinsi

Claycreekia chrisorum


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