Episode 73 – Rattling Squirrels with Andrea Wishart

Jun 15, 2022Podcast

Ep 73 – Rattling Squirrels with Andrea Wishart

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Curtis and Mark are joined by Andrea Wishart to talk all things squirrels. Andrea is a PhD student at the University of Saskatchewan and an evolutionary and behavioural ecologist studying red squirrels in the Yukon. This is fun look at one of Canada’s most underrated, abundant, and accessible wildlife species. Topics covered include red squirrel biology, life span, territory size, boom and bust cycles, predator avoidance, food refrigeration, bequeathing food caches, the motivation to store tree cones, turf wars, affects of logging a forest during the winter, middens, larder-hoarding, getting yelled at, Canada’s amazing Kluane region in the Yukon, squirrel rattling, Sabre-toothed squirrels, and the happy conclusion to Scrat’s story.   

Main cover background photo Copyright (c) Rolf Nussbaumer/Danita Delimont / Adobe Stock