Episode 8 – Behind the Badge with Brenda McLennan and Mance Visentin

Oct 15, 2019Podcast

Episode 8 – Behind the Badge with Brenda McLennan and Mance Visentin

In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by Brenda McLennan and Mance Visentin. The lady’s husbands were both Conservation Officers whose unique career paths brought them together. In this episode we learn what it was like for the newly married spouses of Conservation Officers back in the old days when officers were called Game Wardens. We find out what it was like being a Game Warden in Canada’s high arctic and British Columbia’s remote north before traditional ways of life were gone forever. Other topics discussed include Game Wardens that had to work alone without radio communication and were gone for days or weeks on end, safety of the officers and their families, polar bears in the family basement, late night phone calls about hunting regulations, how pssing off a Conservation Officer’s wife is not the best idea and a historic event involving the RCMP, a Game Warden and his school teacher wife, a bride and a groom who were all commandeered by the Prime Minister to secure the sovereignty of a disputed island in Canada’s high arctic.

Background Photo Credit: Copyright © Felix Pergande / Adobe Stock

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