Episode 7 – New Hunters with Bryce McKinnon and Derek Johnson

Oct 1, 2019Podcast

Episode 007

New Hunters

Bryce McKinnon and Derek Johnson

In this episode Mark and Curtis are joined by new hunters Bryce McKinnon and Derek Johnson. These young men didn’t grow up in hunting families, but they are having fun finding their way in hunting by trial and error. This episode will help other new hunters and established hunters will hear what it’s like for a new hunter to try to get started in hunting. Topics discussed include how the guys got into hunting, what’s missing from the hunter training course, what the essential supplies for game processing are that should be in your pack, how and when to use the gutless method, whether you can age meat in your refrigerator, building your own game cooler with a CoolBot, how many guns should one own, advice for new hunters and whether making eye contact and walking straight at a deer actually works.

Show Notes

Check out the great hunting and butchering courses and workshop with Dylan and the crew at https://www.eatwild.ca/

The best video to learn the gutless method of field dressing an elk is from Randy Newberg Hunter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ny5z3kJWbn8

The CoolBot device if you want to make your own game cooler: https://www.storeitcold.com/

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