Episode 24 – Bear Paws and Human Skulls

Jun 21, 2021Round Canada

In this episode Mark updates you on the alteration of a scientific report by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans that might cause steelhead to go extinct, a new wildlife coalition in BC, the danger of bird feeders, contaminated wild foods by forestry chemical spraying, the loss of being able to ship firearms and ammunition in Canada, body cams for Conservation Officers and a bear watchdog oversight body, DFO’s rejection of a salmon smolt transfer to ocean farms, a new hybrid deer study in Alberta and Saskatchewan, whether polar bears want to become vegetarians, wildlife permit violations at a bear rehabilitation center in Alberta, bear attacks, dumped bear paws, the rejection of a coal mine in Alberta, the Nova Scotia First Nation’s moderate livelihood lobster fishery, more funding for CWD in Alberta, a river in Quebec that is now legal person (maybe), new hunting laws in Saskatchewan and a wildlife traffic bust that included a human skull.