Episode 30 – Changes to BC Hunting and Trapping Regs with Gerry Paille

Dec 23, 2021Round Canada

In this episode Mark and Curtis talk to Gerry Paille of the BC Wildlife Federation. Gerry is the BCWF Chair of the Wildlife and Allocation Committee and the provincial rep that helps assess proposed regulation changes. Learn about BC’s system of making changes to hunting and trapping regulations. in this episode the guys do a deep dive into a bunch of proposed changes to BC’s hunting and trapping regulations that are now open for public comment. Some of the new proposed regulation include deer scents and lures, air rifles, wounded dangerous game, tampering with horns and antlers, compulsory inspections, turkey bears, private land hunting, wireless trail cams, closures of mountain sheep, mountain goat, caribou, and black bear hunting in parts of the province, baiting for trappers and shifting moose seasons in the north. As well, the guys discuss why some people object to cow moose hunting but not cow elk hunting and whether all these regulation changes will make a difference to declining wildlife populations.

Show Notes

Link to the hunting and trapping regulation public comment page and instructions on how to log in using a BCeID number