Episode 5 – Exposed Grizzly Bear Documentary

Nov 23, 2021The Hunters Underground Podcast

Episode 5

Exposed Grizzly Bear Documentary

Alberta has been on the road to recovering its grizzly bear population for a long time now. Recently some controversy erupted in Alberta over the possibility of grizzly hunting again in the province because some of the populations have shown promising recovery. In this episode Curtis and Mark talk through their thoughts on a new documentary film on grizzly bears in Alberta produced by the Exposed Wildlife Conservancy with support from the Grizzly Bear Foundation. Curtis and Mark talk about what they learned from the film as well as the use of framing in film making, the science doesn’t support hunting argument and their biggest lesson learned from their analysis of this film.  

Show Notes

In the Cross Hairs: The Road to Recovery for Alberta’s Threatened Grizzly Bears