Smoked Perch Sushi Roll

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Smoked Perch Sushi Roll

Smoked Perch
6-8 small perch filleted
½ cup Kosher
¼ cup of packed brown sugar,
¼ cup of soya sauce and
¼ cup of kosher salt to
1 litre of ice-cold water
Ice cubes
Extra olive oil and soya sauce

Egg skeins from perch
½ cup of kosher salt
1 litre of cold water

1 ¼ cups of Sushi rice
1 ½ cups of water
2 Tablespoon of rice vinegar
1 Tablespoon sugar
4 sheets of Nori seaweed

Extra Ingredients
3 heads of endives
1 cup of sesame seeds
1 Tablespoon of siracha sauce
¼ cup of mayonnaise
3 green onion cut into slivers
2 tablespoons of maple syrup
¼ cup of water


Step 1 – Catch, process and fillet some perch

Step 2 – Make the Sushi Rice

  • There are many recipes on how to make sushi rice. Search the internet or pull out your favourite cookbook. You can even buy pre-seasoned rice vinegar to make this job even easier. Here’s a link to one: We prefer less salt than in this recipe, but I find the instructions clear here. Remember, you must use “sushi rice” to make sushi. Our go-to is Kokuho Rose sushi rice.

Step 3 – Prepare the caviar

  • If your perch have eggs, save them and prepare for a final garnish on top of your sushi rolls. The perch eggs are mild and not “fishy”. Utilizing as much of the fish is a responsible way to prepared food that comes from the wild.

• Rinse the eggs sacs and then squeeze the eggs into a bowl filled with cold water.
• Work your fingers through the eggs and separate them.
• Rinse and strain the eggs several times until they are not sticking together in clumps.
• Add ½ cup of kosher salt to a litre of cold water. Store until all the salt is dissolved.
• Add the eggs to the brine and let sit for 15 to 30 minutes. The longer the sit the saltier they will be.
• Remove the eggs from the brine with a fine sieve and let drain.
• After about an hour the eggs will have drained into caviar that can be easily scooped with a spoon.
• For more details on making caviar from wild fish eggs check out Hank Shaw’s instructions here.

Perch skeins

Pull the skeins apart, separate the eggs from the membrane and rinse

Soak the eggs in the salt brine

Step 4 – Brine the fillets

• Add ¼ cup of packed brown sugar, ¼ cup of soya sauce and ¼ cup of kosher salt to 1 litre of ice-cold water.
• Add the fillets to the brine.
• Add ice cube to the brine and let stand for 30 minutes.

Brine the perch fillets

Step 5 – Smoke the fillets

• Take the fillets out of the brine and rinse them in cold water.
• Pat the fillets dry
• Paint the fillets with a light coating of olive oil and then with soya sauce.
• Lay fillets on the smoker mesh trays.
• Cold smoke the fillets approximately 1/2 hour at 150oC (time and temp will vary with the brand and size of the smoker). They should still be moist but not dried out like jerky.

Smoked perch fillets

Step 6 – Prepare the trimmings

Trimmings for the sushi

Caramelized Endives

• Slice 3 heads of endives into quarters
• Melt 3 tablespoons of butter until buttering in a saucepan
• Add sliced endives to butter and brown on all sides
• Add 2 tablespoons of maple syrup
• Add ¼ cup of water
• Heat over low heat until the liquid is reduced

Caramelized endives

Garnish Sauce

• Mix 1 TBSP of siracha sauce with ¼ cup of mayonnaise. Load sauce into a squeeze bottle if you have one.

Roasted Sesame seeds

• Lightly roast 1 cup of sesame seeds on low heat in a pan. Let cool and set aside.

Step 7 – Roll the sushi

• Place one piece of nori on the bamboo sushi mat with the smooth side down. Sushi rice is VERY sticky, so you will need to have a container of water handy to dip your hands in. Place a scoop of sushi rice on the nori, and with wet hands, finger smooth   the rice so that it covers the nori completely. To make inside-out rolls with the sushi rice on the outside of the nori, place a piece of plastic wrap over the riced nori, and gently flip it over. If you have two sushi rolling mats, this works really well. The nori is now face up to you.

• Add your trimming onto the nori only at one end of the roll, the end that is closest to you. Lay the caramelized leeks and the smoked perch along the edge – the more trimmings you have, the harder it will be to roll, so don’t go too crazy with them.

Add some of the perch, endives and green onion into the sushi roll

Roll the sushi up

  • Once the roll is rolled, wrap the sushi mat around the roll and gently squeeze it uniformly up and down the bamboo mat. This will help seal the roll a bit more and tighten it up further.

Squeeze firmly

Unroll the sushi from the bamboo matt and roll it in the roasted sesame seeds

  • Place your toasted sesame seeds on a flat plate or cookie sheet that has been covered with wax paper or parchment. Spread them out evenly. Place the newly created sushi roll on top of the seeds, and gently roll it so the seeds cover the roll. Remember, the sushi rice is sticky, so you will periodically need to wet your fingers when handling it.
  • Cut the sushi into six or eight pieces (here’s where the tightness comes in!). Arrange the cut sushi segments on a platter or charcuterie board, top each piece with a dob of caviar and drizzle the mayo-siracha sauce over the arrangement. Enjoy with wasabi and soy sauce.


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