Volcano Lava Coffee Venison Rub

by Apr 8, 2020Wild Cooking

Putting a spice rub on venison, searing it and finishing it to a juicy medium rare – does wild game cooking get any better than this?

Volcano Lava Coffee Venison Rub


3/4 Cup of very finely ground fresh coffee
2 TSP of paprika
1 to 3 TSP of cayenne pepper (adjust to meet your heat level)
1/4 Cup of black lava coarse salt

Black lava salt is a coarse sea salt that is blended with activated charcoal. It has a mild earthly salt taste and it comes from Hawaii and Cyprus. You can purchase it online.

Optional Ingredient
1/3 cup of packed brown sugar if you like a touch of the sweet

Blend the ingredients together. Lightly coat the venison with olive oil and coat it generously with the spice rub. Sear your meat in pan with hot oil and cook to your desired finished meat level.

 Fine ground coffee, black lava salt, cayenne pepper and paprika

 Volcano lava coffee rub venison all ready for the table!


Cover Image Credit: Copyright © Lucy Brown / Adobe Stock

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